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POST: 27th AUGUST 2023

The value in doing it right

The end value of your renovation depends on choosing the right contractor, to deliver your project on time, with ethical workmanship at the right price - and that's not easy. But it's essential in achieving the result you want:

  • Longevity in product performance and function.
  • Compliance in the build process and materials, with further safety and security in the overall product
  • Usability, efficiency, and satisfaction in the product use
  • Genuine increase in your home's end value.

Engaging in the wrong contractor, materials and design process runs the risk of overspending and potentially devaluing your property.

Choosing your contractor

Apart from checking the mandatory legal requirements that your contractor should have, such as the appropriate licensing and insurance cover, a few further aspects can be taken into consideration in determining the right builder.

  • Personality: This can be a major difference in otherwise similarly qualified builders. Considering that building projects are often lengthy, getting along with your builder and enjoying their company can only be a plus
  • Flexibility: Building projects inevitably throw up surprises. Having builders who are adaptable and flexible will maintain a smooth workflow, without exacerbating variation charges
  • Inquisitiveness: Good builders ask a lot of questions, anticipate many answers to those questions and already have solutions ahead of time. This foresight reduces delays and surprises which can turn into major problems
  • Transparency: Throughout the entire project, transparency reflects honesty and craftsmanship. The right builder will be clear on invoicing, scheduling, and even errors on their own part. This will result in clearer communication, a more successful project, and a satisfied client.

It's hard to ensure you have the right builder, especially if you haven't been through the process before. Even when you seek recommendations and look at past projects, it can be difficult to compare one builder to another. My advice is to ask the right questions, spend adequate time researching and getting to know your builder, and ultimately go with your gut feeling.


Your renovation done right

It's no secret most Australians are interested in property and real estate. And no doubt they're in tune with the current rapid price rise (yes, a residential property boom) within the residential property sector. It inevitably leaves a few questions to be answered.

Do we renovate to flip or renovate to invest?

The truth is there's no difference. Every renovation is an investment if it's done right. Your house is not only your home and sanctuary, but a financial asset. So whether you plan to sell it immediately after renovating, or hold on to it, the renovation work is an investment because it adds or increases value.

What do we renovate and why?

Let's assume a thin line between renovating for your comfort and renovating to capitalise on a potential selling price. Fifteen years of hands-on experience has demonstrated to me that the most rewarding hierarchy of spaces to renovate is as follows:

  • Bathrooms and ensuite
  • Kitchen and storage
  • Living and open space
  • Outdoor living and deck.

Bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and decks have recurringly resulted in the perfect balance in structural and cosmetic upgrade, without over-compromising or over-capitalising. So renovating these areas of a home bring the most satisfaction in terms of economic return and living comfort.

It also helps to remember the fundamental rule of renovation in determining your renovation budget:

'Never spend more than 10% of your property market value in design and construction.'

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